Make your own opportunity by Scott Phillips

I’m here down in Atlanta, GA for A3C as a volunteer. I thought I was going to be photographer for the days that i’m down here but sadly I was mistaken. However, I didn’t let discourage me because I decided to use my voice. I never knew I was able to start conversations, letting people know why I’m here and what I plan to get accomplished. When I started using my voice box, I instantly started getting access to shows. Last night I was able to shoot Megan Thee Stallion which I wasn’t expecting to happen. Lesson that I learned that day was when life gives you can make lemonade into Chick-fil-a all depends on how you react and are willing to take initiative. Here are my shots of Megan!

Heineken: Green Room Show Case Ft: BABY ROSE by Scott Phillips

Last night, I had the privilege to capture some shots at Silk City Diner of up and coming artist Baby Rose at the Heineken: Green Room showcase. She’s a producer, song writer and singer from Washington, DC with a passion for soul and R&B. She has been featured on the Dreamville “Revenge of the Dreamers” album on the song “Self Love” and also on Big K.R.I.T. latest project “K.R.I.T. IZ HERE” as well. Her album was released at midnight last night entitled “To Myself”. Check out the Flicks and Share. Her album is on every platform!

Previews of My First Wedding by Scott Phillips

Last month, I had the opportunity to shoot my first wedding. It was a very hectic day for me and my second photographer. Nonetheless, we got the job done and captured some great moments on a joyous day. I was shocked on how comfortable I was with shooting because normally I’m nervous about shooting something new. The very next day, I received texts and calls about how well my second photographer and I performed during the event. In addition, I received an referral for another wedding and yes I am booked for it. Wedding photography has taught me one valuable lesson and that is to wear comfortable shoes. Your feet will bark at you towards the end of day. Here are some shots that I took during the event.